Our Top 16 Posts Written in 2016

top 16 blog posts in 2016

2016 is coming to a close. As we wrap up the year (and Christmas presents), here is a wrap up of 2016 on the Transfer Express blog. We post to our blog every week day, in hopes that we can help you grow your t-shirt business and share some tips and inspiration with you. Make sure you subscribe to our blog to receive all of our tips and tricks directly in your email inbox.

In case you missed them, here is a list of our top 16 blog posts that were most popular this year. Did you see them?

(drum roll please)….

The top 16 in ’16:

  1. Supplementing Sales with Promotional Products
  2. Psychological Pricing for Your T-Shirt Business
  3. Upload Your Own Art into Easy View
  4. Is the Apparel You’re Heat Printing Ruined?
  5. Placement Tips for Printing the Back of Hoodies
  6. Creating a Point of Purchase T-Shirt Display
  7. Winning the Family Reunion T-Shirt Sale
  8. Design Ideas for Custom Homecoming Shirts
  9. New Softball Layout and Clip Art
  10. Polypropylene Bags – the do’s and don’ts
  11. Being the Most Productive You Can Be in Your T-Shirt Business
  12. Left Chest Shirt Printing Placement
  13. Heat Printing Tips to Avoid Seams
  14. Setting Up Your T-Shirt Business Work Space
  15. New Emoji Clip Art for Custom T-Shirt Artwork
  16. Creating Personalized Santa Sacks with Screen Printed Transfers