8 Patriotic T-Shirt Ideas for the 4th of July

Let’s celebrate summer with red, white and blue!  Our team was challenged to inspire you with 8 patriotic t-shirt ideas to help you increase summer sales.

  1. Jet Flag

This three color print was a perfect choice for the new UltraColor Pro.  A full color transfer with just a 6 sheet minimum, and price breaks!    In Easy View, your free online design center we added the jet clip art x18j-3 to the full color flag W17a-38.  This patriotic fun is perfect for your “Top Gun” enthusiast.   Easy View tip, any art starting with the letter W is a full color clip art and can only be used with the full color transfer products.

  1. Festival Gear

There are tons of July 4th festivals going on.    Get the event organizers to order for their staff or set up an onsite booth and sell them.   This is our customizable Easy Prints layout QEV-212.    To give it a non-traditional look we used burgundy and cream instead of red and white.    We added the sponsors of the event to the back.

  1. Party in the USA

We used this trendy lady (clip art (x9a-258) giving her a stars and stripes pattern in her sunglasses and hair ribbon.    Then added a fun line of sideward text.   Patterns are a great way to give any print a new look.  In the design center select the item you want filled with a pattern on the artboard.  Select patterns and make your pattern choice

  1. Party in the USA Part 2

This was built in the Easy Prints  design center using some fun fonts (Groovy Artist and Empera) plus the shades (clip art x17B-74)

  1. Peace Love America

This uses layout QPR-9 and changed the clip art and patterns to give the All-American look applied to this cute flowy tank top.    Since the Bella-Canvas tank top (BC8800) is heat sensitive poly/viscose material; our low temperature screen printed transfer, Elasti Prints.

  1. I’m With Her

Take a trending saying and add lady liberty (clip art x5d-29)  and you have a fun shirt for the 4th!

  1. Red, White and Blue

The busy July 4th weekend is filled with events.   One in your area might be a fun run.   This red trimmed tank top is given the red, white and blue treatment with just a 1 color Goof Proof screen printed transfer.   We used Easy Prints layout QEV-211

  1. USA Crew

Dress up the family in matching shirts to stand out at this year’s celebration   Take Easy Prints  layout QYT-256 and add a stars and stripes pattern.   This is our best selling Goof Proof transfer        applied to a red tie dyed t-shirt (PC147)

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