Placing A Custom Transfer Reorder is Easy

If you need more of any of the custom transfers you have ordered from Transfer Express, a reorder is easy! Past and current orders can be viewed by logging in at    Here is the dashboard you will see upon login—it includes any orders in house with the order status, as well as completed orders with custom transfer order thumbnails.  You will also see any Express Names and Numbers you have placed but these do not have a thumbnail.

To place your reorder

  1. If your order was recent, you will see the thumbnail on this dashboard with the reorder button under it.   If the original order is older, search by description (for example Eagles) or by order number.
  2. Click the reorder button.   This is the screen you will see:

  1. The quantity, transfer type and ink color used will be shown.   Enter the quantity you now want to reorder.   The price for the reorder will be shown on screen
  2. Add To Cart
  3. Continue To Checkout
  4. Select your payment method
  5. Select you shipping method
  6. Select Confirm and your reorder has been placed!