Trade Shows aren’t just booths

When I first attended a trade show, I was in awe of how many booths were in the exhibit hall.  I was overwhelmed when I was walking the floor and receiving catalog after catalog, sample after sample.  I walked the floor 3 times to make sure I hit each booth and ensured I received all of the information I wanted to.  It wasn’t until I got home that I realized I only took advantage of half the shows.  Most, if not all, industry trade shows offer free education seminars that are very beneficial to helping your business grow.  If there are any that will help you do your job better, attend them. The knowledge you get in an info-packed hour could save you many hours of reading and learning from your mistakes.

Make sure to take advantage of Free Education Seminars at all Industry Trade Shows

While there is plenty of education in the booths, The free education seminars are more in depth









We at Transfer Express are excited for our educational session next Saturday, August 5 at the NNEP Nashville show.  We will be focusing on Screen Printing with just a heat press.  This is an introductory course and is a great educational experience for both old and new customers. We won’t be the only one’s educating at this show.  You can find a whole list of classes when you register for the show.

We hope to see you next weekend in Nashville or at the next trade show in your area.  Remember, take advantage of all that the show has to offer.  You will come away with a better understanding of the industry and how it will help grow your business.  I know I will always make time for the education seminars.