Printing Blankets

It’s getting cold outside!    This is the perfect time to expand your t-shirt business and start selling custom printed blankets.   Just like your t-shirts, all you need is a heat press and custom transfers.

Wholesale Blankets

In our wholesale apparel line, we carry 21 styles of blankets!    We have picnic blankets, sweatshirt blankets, a wearable blanket, sherpa blankets and fur blankets.

So, which one can you use a heat press and custom transfers?    Our transfers will adhere to all of them but some are so plush that the pressure of the heat press will cause it to press down.

Recommended Choices

Fleece Sweatshirt Blanket-(BP78 and BP79)   These are basically hoodies without pockets and hoods so using your heat press is easy!    You can press a large print in the center or print just a corner   All of our transfer types except Elasti Prints will work on this type of blanket so use the what to use when chart to find the best choice based on how many you need and how many colors are in your design.     And this same transfer can be used on your shirts too!    Build a gang sheet and use the largest size for your shirts and blankets and the smaller sizes on the sheet for caps and can coolers.

Stadium Blanket (12900) These 50/50 blankets from Gildan are also a great choice.  Just like above all of our products except Elasti Prints will apply

Flannel Sherpa Blanket (BP43) Did you know transfers work great on flannel?    Since this is a little more course, we recommend Goof Proof, UltraColor Max or UltraColor Pro.

Have you heat printed blankets?   We would love to see some of yours!

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