Printing Custom Birthday T-Shirts

Whether you like birthdays or not, they’re inevitable. They come every year. So why not embrace it and celebrate with custom birthday shirts!

Birthday t-shirts are printed for people of all ages – kids and adults alike.

No matter if it’s a destination birthday, at home, or surprise party, there’s lot’s of different times when a birthday shirt would add some life to the party.

Here’s some inspiration for different birthday t-shirt design ideas that you can print using custom screen printed transfers and a heat press.


T-Shirts for Kids’ Birthday Parties

The first idea we’re showing here is not only a great party favor for a kids party, but also a great craft activity idea for kids to do at the party.

A simple white t-shirt with a black screen printed transfer design will allow the kids to color in the design and make their own shirt. Use fabric markers to make it permanent, or washable markers and they can color over and over again.


kids birthday t-shirt craft


Another idea is to make shirts for kids who are attending a birthday party “offsite” at a location. If all of the kids are wearing the same shirt, it is much easier to spot them. Use bright colored shirts, or unique colored shirts, like this raglan shirt with maroon sleeves.


kids birthday t-shirt idea


This particular design was customized for a Go-Kart birthday party using Easy View online design center. By using a screen printed transfer gang sheet, you can print multiple places on the shirt, and also caps, for no additional print costs.

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screen printed transfer gang sheet


Incorporating what’s popular into the design will make it a fan favorite among kids parties, like this TikTok inspired birthday t-shirt.


kids t-shirt for birthday



Milestone Birthday T-Shirts

What better way to celebrate a big birthday year than with everyone wearing t-shirts to commemorate it?

T-shirts for 50th birthdays, 60th birthdays, etc. are popular for the entire family and guest list to wear, especially if it’s a surprise party.

Tailoring a design to the birthday boy or girl is a great way to honor the person. Incorporating their interests will make it a special shirt and day for them.


t-shirt for 50th birthday


If there is a theme to the party, add it to the shirt design, like this casino themed birthday party shirt.


casino birthday t-shirt design idea


One of the most popular milestone birthdays is 21. And this is a birthday to have fun with. A fun t-shirt is the way to go.


t-shirts for 21st birthday


Another younger birthday milestone is 16. Sweet 16 is a birthday almost everyone remembers. This tank makes it known who’s turning 16.


sweet 16 birthday shirt


And don’t forget about another big milestone birthday – the quinceañera. The tradition of the quinceañera is rooted in Latin American culture and is a celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday, marking a passage from girlhood to womanhood. This is typically a big celebration, which can include a court of honor of young men and women who participate and support the quinceañera. Shirts can be made for the entire court.


quinceañera t-shirt idea



Birthday Shirts for Trips

It’s not uncommon for groups to celebrate a birthday party with a trip. If your customer is planning a trip, matching t-shirts for the whole group add some fun to the mix and let everyone else around them know who the birthday person is!

For example, here is a design idea for a birthday cruise.


birthday trip t-shirt for cruise



Personalized T-Shirts for Birthdays

Personalizing shirts is just as easy as printing the birthday shirts themselves.

Add a name onto the birthday girl or birthday boy shirts to add that extra special touch. This is easy using screen printed Express Name transfers.

You can order each individual name and press it onto the shirt.

You can even add numbers, too.


16th birthday shirt with numbers on back


It’s also a fun and easy way to personalize each shirt for everyone at the birthday party.


birthday shirts with names

30th birthday t-shirts



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