Printing Custom Football Apparel: The Ultimate Checklist

custom printed stadium blanket

Both players and fans will need custom printed apparel for all weather conditions.

The long awaited football season is on the horizon. Cleats and helmets everywhere are being dusted off and put back on. As one of America’s favorite sports, tailgating food isn’t the only thing on the rise during football season (in recent years, over 6 million wings are consumed during the Super Bowl alone!). Apparel sales are a big part of football season, too.

Because football is played outdoors and spans the weather of almost 3 seasons, there are a lot of apparel needs for players and fans alike. For example, let’s take a look at just fan wear for a moment. The beginning of the season begins with the hot summer sun and lighter apparel will be needed such as T-shirts and caps. As the season continues on in autumn, fans face rain and colder temperatures. They will swap out their T-shirts for lightweight jackets, hoodies, and umbrellas. By the end of the season and heading into the playoffs, freezing temperatures and snow have arrived. Fans will need stadium blankets, heavier coats, hats, gloves, and scarves.

This helpful infographic football apparel checklist shows many of the possible custom printed items you can offer during football season. How many of these will you print this year?


football apparel checklist infographic

Make the most of football season sales with this printed apparel checklist.



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