Profiting from Selling Replica Football Jerseys

Football may be a game, but it isn’t just a game. With football, people invest a lot – time, energy, money, and emotion.

To some, football is life. And when something means a lot to someone, you can bet that they will usually have some sort of apparel to say it.

Replica football jerseys are one of the items football fans love to have and wear. From high school, college, and to the pros, fans have to have their jerseys!

replica football jersey

As a custom apparel decorator, you can cash in on high school replica football jerseys. If you are already doing the football team jerseys, this will be even easier (and less expensive for you to print).

Blank replica jerseys are less expensive than the actual team jerseys, and can be more profitable than other fan wear, as well.

wholesale replica football jersey

You can print a replica jersey for around $12 – $15. If you can sell them for at least $30, you are making quite a nice profit on each jersey.

If you are printing the team jerseys too, you can use the same prints. By ordering a larger quantity, they will be less expensive per image.

Take advantage of screen printed transfer gang sheets. You can fit the school or mascot name along with logos for the chest and sleeves, too, all on one sheet. In most cases, you’ll be able to fit enough for more than one jersey as well.

screen printed transfers


Ideas for Selling Replica Jerseys

Increase your replica jersey sales by being creative. Instead of just generic replica jerseys, get personal and customize them.

Fans want to support their friends and family members on the team. Find out who the popular or star players are on the team and if they have any nicknames.

Using their jersey number, print a replica jersey with their nickname and number. Friends of the players will love this.

nickname on replica football jersey

Parents are proud of their student athletes. Make their jerseys available with MOM and DAD on the back with the same number as their child.

replica jerseys for parents

Get permission from the school to print on-site at the games and set up a mobile shop with your heat press. Offer a percent of the profits to the boosters club to help them as a fundraiser.

Bring pre-printed Express Names with MOM DAD printed on them. Then, using Peel & Press Letters, you can print nicknames of choice, too.

You can pre-print the school name and mascot logos on the sleeves before you get to the game. During the game, you can take custom orders with the names and numbers and heat apply them on the spot.

Over time, as the replica jerseys catch on with fans, start making different versions for special occasions, such as homecoming, senior night, school rivalries, etc.

You can even help support a charity or cause like the pros do during the month of October with breast cancer awareness. During October, the pro players wear various pieces of their uniform in pink.

Make a pink version of the replica jersey and add a pink ribbon to the shoulder area. Have special names available with SURVIVOR on the back to honor those moms, grandmas, and other fans who have survived breast cancer.

breast cancer awareness football jersey

breast cancer awareness ribbons

breast cancer awareness

The more creative you get, the more chances there are of increasing your custom apparel sales.



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