Printing Large Leg Plastisol Transfers

Putting a print all the way down a leg, from hip to ankle, is easy with our large leg plastisol transfers.  These prints are made to be applied in two applications, so they can be up to 28” long.  Order any of our leg layouts and choose the large leg option which is 24” or use other to go up to 28” long.  Your print will be printed on the sheet with ease of application in mind.   Just cut the paper down the center.  Apply the top half, slide the paper down, and position the second half, as easy as aligning the paper.  Press and peel the paper from both halves.  Your large leg is ready to be worn.

Here is a video that shows a custom screen printed large leg transfer being applied to sweatpants.

Large leg transfer

Large leg transfer - Using Easy Prints® layout QLG-2