Resizing Customers’ Artwork for Transfers

Many of our dealers have customers that come in with artwork from a business card or some sort of flyer and want the logo turned into a t-shirt. This can be confusing when the artwork is a different size than needed on the t shirt.  How do you go about doing this? Transfer Express offers many tools to our dealers online. The Image Resizer tool and the Gang Sheet Calculator tool are two that are offered that will help you in this scenario.

For an example, Betty’s Cleaning Service brings you her business card with her logo on it. She wants the design as a heart size on t-shirts made from her logo and wants to know how much they will be. To give her pricing, you will have to measure her logo on the business card and determine the dimensions of that logo at a larger heart size. Then you will need to determine how many of this image will fit on a transfer gang sheet in order to price the transfers and eventually the total cost of her order.

So let’s get started. First, measure her logo to find out the current dimensions. The more precise you can measure the better. You have determined that her logo is 1.5” wide x 1.625” tall.

Betty's Cleaning Service business card with logo

Measure the art as precisely as you can.

Next, go online to the Transfer Express website and log in with your Dealer ID and password. Click on the ‘Image Resizer’ in the Tools area of the left navigation bar.

Type in the 2 dimensions you calculated for the fields in the ‘Size of the art you have’ portion of the calculator. Since Betty wants her logo to be heart size, use 4.5” for the larger of the 2 dimensions (in this case, the 1.625”) for the ‘Size to be printed’ portion of the calculator.

Image Resizer tool

Image Resizer tool free for Transfer Express dealers

After you have typed in the 3 numbers, click the ‘Calculate/Resize’ button to get the other dimension needed. Because of the size of this particular image, it will be able to be ganged on a transfer sheet. Click the ‘Gang Sheet’ button to see how many will fit per sheet. It shows you that at heart size, 6 of this image will fit on one sheet.

Gang Sheet Image Calculator

Gang Sheet Image Calculator free for Transfer Express dealers

Betty determines that she will need 85 shirts total. With 6 images per sheet, you will need 15 gang sheets. From there you can finish out the pricing by checking the price of the sheets based on the number of colors she wants and then adding in the price of your materials, time, etc.

These are just a few of the very helpful tools we offer for free to all Transfer Express Dealers!