Ringing in the New Year with Glitter and Pearl Heat Transfers

In late 2017 we welcomed back an old favorite to help add some shimmer to decorated apparel. We’re talking about the sparkly Pearl PrintsĀ® heat transfers that give decorators a luxurious, high end look for custom prints. This shimmery ink transfer is the perfect compliment to the long standing Glitter heat transfers that have been a favorite for years.

We are ready to Ring in the New Year with Glitter and Pearl Heat Transfers!

We took some time this past week printing a few New Year’s designs using our Easy PrintsĀ® layouts and customizing them for New Year’s Eve parties, pub crawls, children’s events, and fundraisers. Customer’s love having sparkly, shimmery apparel on for celebrating so these transfers are perfect!

With Glitter transfers offering large flakes of Glitter within a durable plastisol screen print ink, they can be seen sparkling across the room. This type of transfer gives you the most Bling for Ringing in 2018.

Pearl Prints is a bit more subtle with a opalescent shimmer that can be best enjoyed at a close distance. This transfer is a perfect look for a touch of luxury and class.

When looking for ways to WOW! your customer’s this New Year’s, stick with Glitter and Pearl Prints heat transfers for the right about of Bling for Ringing in the New Year!

Happy New Year design using Pearl Prints heat transfers on a tote bag.



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Could you please send me a sample of the white and black Puffed Ink. My customer wants to see what it looks like before they order.
Thank You!

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Will do, Melodye. Have a wonderful holiday season!


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