New Animal Clip Art is Ready To Roar

Whether you need them for school, sports, business or events, animals are a frequent t-shirt design element. Do you have specific mascot artwork provided to you by your customers? If not, we have a wide selection of animals to choose from. And, over the past few years, we have been working to create more varied and modernized animal clip art. Here is our newest batch!

We work from suggestions and from our dealers, since they are our eyes and ears about what kinds of artwork will be most used in Easy View┬« online designer. Recently, some requested some scarier versions of our mascots. So we’ve started by creating a modernized ferocious bear and a pouncing bearcat. We’ll be sure to add more bearcats in the future, since that particular animal is, unfortunatly, under-represented in Easy View.

Animal Clip Art

For our feathered friends, we added a country-style chicken and a cute little turkey. We know, we know- it’s a little late for turkeys. But as we were creating Thanksgiving designs this year, we decided we needed an update. We’ll be ready next year and watch out for more new Thanksgiving clip art as the season approaches.

At a recent trade show, one of our booth visitors requested more sharks, so we started with a shark mascot. We’ve also added an updated full body alligator and a blue crab for our Atlantic seaboard friends. And of course now we are hungry for a good crab feast!

Animal Clip Art

Check out the other new animal clip art we’ve added this past year here and here. We are always taking suggestions from our dealers, so please let us know in the comments, social media or our email what kinds of animals or any other type of clip art would help you grow your business. Save money using Easy View artwork!



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