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Save Money on Custom Transfers with “Color Changes”

When you place your next order for custom screen printed transfers give your customers the option of receiving their design on a light or dark shirt by utilizing a Color Change. A color change allows you to order the exact same design in different colors without being charged for 2 separate orders at low price breaks. For a $15 fee per color, you can order at a higher price break and receive 2 different color transfers!

For example, the local school wants shirts for their booster club spirit wear sale and they want the exact same design on a 15 navy shirts as on a 20 gold shirts. By utilizing the color change you’d receive the 35 piece price break with a $15 color change fee. Choose the gold ink color to be heat applied to navy shirts and navy ink color to be applied to gold shirts. 

This color change feature can also be applied to multi-color transfers. With 50 transfers in red and white and 50 transfers in red and black, they can be heat pressed onto black and white shirts while still getting the 100 piece price break with the color change fee. Just remember the designs must be exact and whatever was white will be black.

 Ordering separate orders:
15 Gold – $3.36/sheet = $50.40
20 Navy – $2.75/sheet = $55
Total order = $105.40
Ordering with Color Change:
15 Gold w/ color change to 20 Navy (35 piece price break) = $68.95 + $15 color change fee = $83.95
You’d save $21.45!

How to order:
Phone – Tell your rep how many you need in each color
Online – Add into the Notes section “I also need 20 of this Exact design in Navy” 

Layout QAL-45

Layout QAL-45


Additional prints in Navy