Saving Money With A Color Change

You are ready to get your t-shirt business started, have your heat press and have been approached to quote on two possible custom transfer orders.  You want to give them the best price, and make a profit. How do you quote?

A League Order, all the same design

15 Shirts Red with white ink

15 Shirts Black with orange ink

15 Shirts Orange with Black ink

15 shirts Navy with White ink

A School Field Day Order, all the same design

First Grade 30 Red Shirts with White ink

Second Grade 25 Royal Shirts with White ink

Third Grade 30 Kelly Shirts with White Ink

Fourth Grade 35 Orange Shirts with Black Ink

Fifth Grade 30 Gold Shirts with Purple Ink

In both situations, a Color Change will help you get to a bigger price break based on the total quantity of designs needed. A color change is when we use the same screen (art) and wash out one color and replace it with another. Since everything is the same except the color, the efficiency is passed onto you as a quantity break with a color change. For the league order you need 45 transfers in white and 15 transfers in black. You will get the price break of 60 custom transfers plus a $15 color change fee. For our field day t-shirts, you need 85 white transfers, 35 black transfers and 30 gold. You will quote the order for 150 custom transfer plus 2 color change fees.

By getting the quantity price break you can give a more competitive quote. When you are in Easy View and placing this order just select the color change button

Click Here to enter Color Changes

Then enter the color changes and take advantage of the savings!

Example of adding a Color Change in Easy View