Selling Infant and Toddler Apparel

One of the best tips our customers have shared when starting your t-shirt business is to focus on a niche and become the expert. A popular niche is the selling of infant apparel. Infant graphic tees can be a big business. Your audience includes parents and relatives of the infant as well as those attending baby showers or looking for a newborn gift. E-Commerce or Craft Fairs are two good ways to sell custom infant shirts.




With infant apparel the sizes are simpler and most children will go through all of them! Here is a size chart for most infant apparel. When determining your print size you will want to go in at least an inch in width to avoid seams and cut the height in half to keep the print on the front chest.

CPSIA Compliant

Another important consideration is to be CPSIA compliant. All the infant wear we sell as well as the transfers do meet this requirement. Certification is available if requested.

Creating Infant Designs

The design is the differentiator in this market. Do you want to sell fun phrases that you stock and apply as they sell? Or you can charge more by allowing customization. Try our online design center, Easy View, to create some designs. Easy View makes us all an artist! By adding a $1.80 Express Name you can add $3 or more to your selling price.

Think about themes you might carry-punk rock, funny infant shirts, animal themed, or just go for the cute graphic infant tee.

Infant graphics are small meaning you can put several ideas on one gang sheet to really reduce your printing costs and see what will sell. List all the different graphics tees you created and see what sells. Don’t heat press the transfer on your blanks until sold.

Here are some ideas to inspire your line of infant t-shirts

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