Selling Professional and College Team T-Shirts

If you sell custom printed t-shirts and live near a major professional or college sport’s team, you would love to offer shirts with the team name and logo. Everyone is wearing apparel with the logo, so there is a great opportunity to generate sales, right?

Yes and No.



Selling licensed apparel is a challenge. Typically to obtain a license you need to pay a fee plus a royalty on every item you sell.

There is an approval process, the organization wants to be sure you are reflecting the team/school in a positive light and using the branding logo and colors in the correct way. So although there are a lot of sales, there are also a lot of costs.

A better way to join in the fun is to use creative phrases that support the team but never step on the trademarked logo or names.

Since these are often unique and not something the local fans already own, you can even generate more sales and have no licensing fees.



Start with the team’s colors. This is fair game and anyone that lives in the area will know what you are supporting without using the team name or logo. What is the team known for? Have they been waiting years for a Super Bowl? In Cleveland, “this is our year”, might work.

Have they been on a winning streak? 10 and counting…



Use Easy View, your free online designer, to try out fonts and colors. Post a few ideas on your social media page.

When ready, submit your order and use your heat press to press on demand. Our Goof Proof screen printed transfers, press in just 4 seconds, so you don’t have to print until you have made the sale.

With a little creativity you will outsell the licensed products and avoid the licensing fees.



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Ted Mobley

I am looking for a Christian decal rhat was available about 10 years ago. Its name was No Greater Love, and was a picture of Jesus Christ with the words No Greater Love. I have had many, many requests for it but I cannot find it. Can you help me? Thanks for your time.

Dealer Services

Hi Ted,
We can print decals for you. You can either send us that artwork, or you can re-create it using Easy View – our online designer.


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