Selling T-Shirts for A School Fundraiser

When you hear the word fundraiser, any of us with kids in school cringe as we think candy, candles and wrapping paper. But helping a school with a fundraiser that involves custom printed shirts can help both your T-shirt business and the school!

To get started, you will want to create a couple of T-shirt designs for the school you will be working with. I would recommend showing them no more than 4-5 designs, too many and it can overwhelm the customer. These can be quickly and easily created in Easy View®, our online design tool. Before creating the art to take to the school, be sure to find out the school mascot and colors. You will be ahead of the competition who will go in saying he can print shirts, and you will be going in with ideas that say “look what I created for you”!

custom shirt designs for a school fundraiser

Create several designs in Easy View to show the school to use as a shirt fundraiser.

Have your customer narrow the T-shirt print choices down to 1 or 2. You will easily be able to offer color options and apparel options to sell a wide variety of apparel with just one design choice.

Next, make the sell sheet that will be distributed to all of the students. Since this is a fundraiser for the school, price it

school T-shirt fundraiser flyer

Create a flyer using the images in the Share feature in Easy View.

so that they make $1 per apparel sold and you make a profitable profit margin. You have made it easy for them to run the fundraising sale. Basically, all the school has to do is send home the order forms and collect the orders for you to pick up.

Work out with the school the payment method and include that on the order form. The checks can be made to you and you pay the school the profit at the end of the sale, or the checks can be made to the school and you invoice them for the total less $1 per item sold. Be sure to include a deadline to order and a delivery date on your form. Tip—always wait at least several days after the deadline for the last minute shoppers!

Collect the orders and place your custom screen printed transfer order and the apparel order. The screen printed transfer will be ordered in sheets so you can include both the small and large image on the same sheet. Once you get the total you need to fulfill the pre-sale, you may want to order at the next price break so that you have extras for any “I forgot” or “my son lost the order form” situations.

screen printed transfer online designer

Fill your transfer sheet with as many of the images as possible for the same price!

Now press the shirts and deliver! Although it is a little extra work, I would recommend packing the shirts per student. Also, include a little information about your company. You can use a sticker on the individual bag, a hang tag or just a paper flyer.

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Jean Palomo


I am new to the t-shirt business and like this idea. I may try it out. Any other tips u can provide would be helpful. Thank u.


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