Tips for Quoting Your Custom Transfer Order with Online Calculators

When creating your custom apparel designs, there are a few easy ways to help you save money. Our transfer pricing calculators will help you to determine what will affect your final price and help you to decide what will work best for you when creating your transfer designs.

With screen printed transfers; you should take the number of ink colors that you use and the quantity of transfers that you want into consideration. The less ink colors that you use, the lower the price of your transfer. Also, remember that there are price breaks at certain quantities that will make your price go down. For example, if you purchase 25 transfer sheets using one ink color, it will actually cost less than if you were to purchase 22 transfer sheets at the same specifications. Use the Screen Print Price Calculator to help you determine the prices for your specific custom screen printed transfer orders. If you are considering different ink formulas for your transfers, simply enter them in the calculator to determine how the prices will vary.

Screen Printed Calculator

Remember to consider price breaks when determining quantity


We also have several name & number calculators available for you to use when pricing out your letter and number transfers.

The Gang Sheet Calculator is a great way to help you save money as well. It will help you to predetermine how many copies of your design will fit on one screen printed gang sheet. Just type in the size of your design to find how many will fit. By adding multiple copies of your design to the same sheet, you will save money because the screen printed transfers are priced per sheet, not by the number of designs.

gang sheet

The price will be the same with all of these transfer examples because they all use one transfer sheet.



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