Round-Up Some Profits Selling Western T-Shirts

Howdy partners!   Looking to round-up a  new niche to grow your t-shirt business?   Western t-shirts and apparel are a fun and profitable venture.   Print on demand using custom screen printed and DTF transfers to print as they are sold reducing your inventory.   Here are some ideas:


Western T-shirt Markets

  • Western Fashion Enthusiasts-The cowboy/cowgirl look is a popular fashion statement for those attending country music concerts, rodeos or line dances.

  • Tourist Destinations-Western themed t-shirts are popular in tourists experiencing the American West.    Popular states for western t-shirts include Texas, Arizona, Wyoming, Montana and Colorado.   Nashville, TN and Branson, MO are also western t-shirt tourist hot spots since both are popular spots for country music.

  • Country Music Fans-Country music is one of the biggest music genres.   Some target markets include concerts and music festivals.    Many communities have free concerts with different music styles, setting up a tent with country themed t-shirts at one of these events could expand your markets.
  • Equestrian Community-This market includes 4-H clubs and equestrian centers.
  • Online Retail-Establishing a western niche on Etsy or other e-commerce is a great way to target a specific customer.
  • Western Themed Events-Events like rodeos, fairs, and festivals are excellent opportunities to sell western t-shirts.


Creating Western T-Shirt Art

It is easy to create art in Easy View, your online design center.    Easy View has been loaded with customizable templates and clip art that can be used to quickly create your designs.   Get started by entering western in the layout search.   This has been pre-loaded with 14 layouts specifically for the western t-shirt market.    Don’t like what you see?   Any of the other 10K layouts can be customized by using some of the western clip art in the collection.    We have rodeo event clip art, horses, cowboys, cowboy hats, and cowboy boots all that can be used in any of the layouts.     Or feeling creative?   Create your own design using the clip art and fonts in the Easy View collection.

Create Mockups

Mockups can be created right in Easy View.    Upload a western background with a shirt or use any of the apparel we already have loaded into the online designer.     Download to share on your e-commerce store or social media to take orders.  Only after you have orders do you need to order the transfer and apparel.

Round-up your ideas and jump into the design center to give it a try.    Test the western t-shirt market to see if it works for you.

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