How to Heat Print Shorts

Summer is here!   We are ready to bring out the summer apparel and this includes shorts.     Shorts are a great offering for resorts and summer camps.   Now is also a great time to contact schools for printed shorts for physical education classes.

What Transfer to Use

The best transfer to use is based on how many you need, the size and most importantly the material of the short.    If the shorts are cotton, all of our products will work on them.   If the shorts are 100% polyester, you can use either Elasti Prints or UltraColor Max.   If the shorts have lycra, spandex or elastane content you will want to use either UltraColor Max or UltraColor Stretch.   If a blocker is needed for dye migration on polyester shorts, you will need UltraColor Stretch with Blocker.

Typically, the size for a print on shorts is about 3” x 3”.   This means you can really utilize and build a gang sheet to keep costs down.

On a standard Goof Proof or Elasti Prints sheet you can fit 12 short prints per sheet.  They do not have to be the same design, just using the same color or colors.    With the UltraColor Pro and Stretch sheets you can fit 15 prints per sheet.    The “What to Use When” chart is for a full size so when using the chart to print only shorts, divide your quantity by 12 to see the best option for you.    For example, if you are doing 144 pairs of shorts, divide by 12 and use the quantity of 12 to make your decision.

You can also put 3 short prints on the same sheet as a full-size shirt print.

And with UltraColor Max a 3×3 print is just .54 cents each.   As you can see, printing shorts is extremely economical and profitable!

Positioning the Short Print

Shorts can be pressed using a full-size shirt press, a cap press or the leg platen.      The best way to align is to use the side seam as your guideline.  That will give you a straight edge to align the side of your print.   Place about three fingers from this side seam.     How far from the bottom seam really depends on your design but it is best to keep it no more than three fingers up so the design rests on the thigh when worn     A good tip if using a full-size shirt press it to remove the quick slip pad, so the shorts stay in place on the platen.    If using a cap or leg platen, simply slip the open leg area onto the platen, positioning in the same area.

If applying to mesh shorts, be sure to slip a sheet between the front and back so as the holes poke through they can easily be wiped off before going onto the next short print.

In most cases, you can get the shorts to lay flat and have even firm pressure without using a mouse pad.   If there are obstructions you are unable to keep off of the platen when pressing, cutting a mouse pad into a 4×4 size and slipping under the print is a great solution.   Just be sure to adjust the pressure for the smaller platen.

Wholesale Shorts Options

In our Augusta collection you will find a number of different sports shorts for training, basketball, soccer and lacrosse in both adult and youth sizes.

In addition, here is a list of our women’s short styles:

DT7509 District High Waist Bike Short

LST475 Sport-Tek 3” short

LST4865 Sport-Tek Repeat Short

LST304 Ladies Cadence Short

Our Men’s Short Styles:

ST355 Sport-Tek Competitor Short

ST355P Sport-Tek Competitor Pocketed Short

ST510 Sport-Tek Classic Mesh Short

ST515 Sport-Tek Long Classic Mesh Short

ST575 Sport-Tek Position Short with pockets

ST312 Sport-Tek Tough Mesh Pocket Shorts

ST310 Sport-Tek Jersey Knit with pockets.

T565 Sport-Tek Mesh Reversible

Our Youth Short Styles:

YST355 Sport-Tek Youth Competitor Shorts

YST510 Sport-Tek Competitor Short

YST510 Sport-Tek Classic Mesh Short

YT565 Sport-Tek Mesh Reversible Spliced Short

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