Spring Checklist for your Business

Along with the warm spring weather comes the beginning of the decorated apparel season for fashion, sports, and tourist markets, so the time is now to get ready for the rush or get left behind! It’s important to make a few preparations for the new season, like doing basic maintenance on your heat press, streamlining your ordering process, and ramping up your marketing efforts to stay ahead of the competition. Below is a checklist to help keep you on track.

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Spring Time Heat Press Maintenance
– It’s important to inspect exposed rods at the pivot or “hinge” points on your heat press and lightly lubricate these areas with high temp lithium grease. Note: Excessive lubrication on a heat press can lead to soiled garments.

Next, inspect the lower rubber pad on your press for wear that creates low areas on the edges or in the middle that can cause misprints. To check the pad for wear, place strips of paper at each corner of the pad and lock down the heat platen. If the paper can be easily pulled out while the press is locked down, the pad could be worn in these areas causing poor application pressure. Solution: Replacement pad kits are available from Stahls’ Hotronix®.

For checking the temperature accuracy of your heat press, you can purchase the Heat Press Test Kit direct from Transfer Express for only $14.95 per kit. The kit includes 10 temperature strips and instructions on how to use. If you’re using outdated heat presses in your shop, do yourself a favor and upgrade with a new Hotronix® or MAXX® heat press before the new season starts!

heat press test kit

Test your heat press for temperature accuracy for a reliable application.

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Streamline your Apparel Ordering process
– If you’re buying apparel from several different suppliers, it can be difficult keeping track of pricing and tracking shipments, but by using Transfer Express for ordering heat transfers and apparel, you’ll find it’s much easier to make just one phone call! By simplifying this part of your business, you can spend more time heat printing and meeting your order deadlines. Go to www.TransferExpress.com/Apparel for more info.

wholesale blank apparel

Order your blank apparel and your transfers at the same time!

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Marketing Starts Now – Don’t let another spring day go by without sending a mailer or email blast to your customers, civic groups, fire, police and EMS departments, and area schools to get them thinking about your company over the competition! Use our Easy View® online transfer designer (free for all active Transfer Express customers) to create personalized designs to be emailed directly to your prospective customer. You can also create instant quotes with our Easy View® transfer designer that will set you apart from your competition.

Follow the Spring checklist and let Transfer Express take you to the next level in 2016! Your growth is our success!

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