Stock Transfers vs Custom Transfers

When you are new to a t-shirt business, some of the terminology can get confusing. Let’s talk about two common terms that will come up in your t-shirt business – stock transfers vs custom transfers.

Stock transfers are transfers that have been printed in advance and you order without making any changes. For this reason, they can be inexpensive and often have quite a few colors. Stock transfers are printed in large quantity but typically you can order as few as one of the one you like. At Transfer Express, we carry US and Canada flag packs as well as the pink awareness ribbon as stock transfers.

Custom transfers are created to your specifications. You choose the art, text, colors, size and even the type of transfer. At Transfer Express, we specialize in custom screen printed, digital or rhinestone transfers. You can send us your own artwork or start your custom transfer by using our professionally created layouts, clip art and fonts in our online designer, Easy View.

custom screen printed transfer

QSL-210 customized for the KMS Hornets

So which will you use? Most likely the answer is both. There will be times when a stock transfer will meet your needs, and other times your customer wants a custom transfer.