UltraColor™ Soft (SLM) Image Pricing

UltraColor™ Soft (SLM) is one of the full color transfer options.

It is perfect for your cotton, polyester, and cotton poly blend materials, especially heat sensitive 100% polyester, since it applies at such a low temperature of 275°F.

It has become a customer favorite because it has a super soft hand and it has a larger sheet size of 11.5” x 18”.


larger sheet size


Now UltraColor Soft (SLM) is also available to purchase by the image instead of by the sheet. (Don’t worry – sheets are also still available as an option, too!)

This is beneficial to you because if you need a low quantity of a smaller image, you no longer have to fill an entire full size sheet and have a lot of leftover images when you are done.

For instance, if you have a left chest logo that is 4” x 4”, you can fit 8 up on the larger UltraColor Soft (SLM) sheet. You also have a 5 sheet minimum. Therefore, you’ll get 40 images with 5 sheets. Maybe you only needed 20 images, though.

With the new UltraColor Soft (SLM) image pricing, you can buy just 20 images of 4” x 4”.

Not only is this image option easier for you to buy, but most of your orders will actually be less expensive, and all the images come pre-cut to size!

It’s a win-win for you.

It gives you more flexibility, especially when you need lower quantities of smaller images. It can give you that option of lower minimums overall.


How UltraColor Soft (SLM) Images are Priced

There are 4 categories of sizes that UltraColor Soft (SLM) images fall into in regards to pricing: X-Small, Small, Medium, and Large.

Medium and Large have 2 different sizes as well, so there are 6 total sizes that your art can fit for image pricing.


UltraColor image size examples


Your artwork will be priced according to the size category that your art will fit into without going over that size.

From there, the image pricing is also determined by quantity, with 20 images being the minimum, no matter which size. (Except full size sheets, the minimum is still 5 sheets.)

If your art is larger than the largest image size, it will go on a full sheet, up to the normal 11.5” x 18”.


UltraColor Soft image pricing


Ganging multiple images in an image size is not allowed. These are meant for individual images. If you want to gang images, then you will need to use the full sheet size.

The full sheet is the only size that can gang multiple images together. As always, they can be the same image or many different images.

Again, the minimum quantity for full size sheets is 5.


UltraColor Soft sheet pricing



How to Buy UltraColor Soft (SLM) by the Image

To order your custom UltraColor Soft (SLM) transfers, you will do it like you would for all your custom heat applied transfers.

You can order by uploading your own artwork through the Upload Portal, or through Easy View® design center.


Using the Upload Portal Page to Order UltraColor Soft (SLM) Images

When you order UltraColor Soft (SLM) full color transfers via the Upload Portal, it will automatically price your transfers as the closest image size that your art will fit into.

Fill in the Quantity field with the number of images you need.

Then fill in the Width and Height fields with the size of your artwork (in inches).

If you have your art set up as a full sheet, enter 11.5” x 18” and it will price it as the full sheet size.


upload page UltraColor Soft



Using Easy View® Design Center to Order UltraColor Soft (SLM) Images

When you are designing within Easy View, our online design center, and you want to get UltraColor Soft (SLM) in images, it is super easy.

In the top right hand corner, choose “Full Color” in the Print Method dropdown. For the Transfer Type, choose “UltraColor Soft (SLM)”.

Then in the Size dropdown, there are all the options to choose from:

  • Sheet (11.5” x 18”)
  • Xsmall (3.25” x 2.5”)
  • Small (5.5” x 4.1”)
  • Medium (8.75” x 5.5”)
  • Medium (11.5” x 4.1”)
  • Large (11.5” x 8.75”)
  • Large (18.5” x 5.5”)


UltraColor Soft size options in Easy View


Choose your desired size and the artboard will actually change based on the size you choose.

Then you can size your artwork to fit within the new boundary.

There is a reminder underneath that the images are for single image only (no ganging images at the image size, only full sheets can be ganged with multiple images).


image size artboard


Even with the image size artboards, you can still choose the page orientation, either landscape or portrait, in the upper red toolbar, in the “Artboard” option.


artboard options


You can even change the artboard size from the “Artboard” menu, as well.

Next, choose your image quantity.


image quantity


If you have one of the single image size options chosen, the minimum image quantity is 20 images.



That’s all there is to it!

Ordering single images of UltraColor Soft (SLM) is super easy, whether from the Upload Page or from Easy View design center.

Single images are especially beneficial if you don’t have multiple orders you want to gang on the sheet at the same time, or if your order is low quantity and small images.

They come pre-cut to size and ready to heat apply.




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Donald L. Jacobs

thank you
so can i buy 1 image for 10 shirts?


Assuming the quantity was 20 pieces size 4.25″ x 4.5″ which is 19.13 square inches. Your small size of 5.5″ x 4.1″
is 22.50 square inches. Can these 20 pieces still be purchased at the small price of $2.50 each?

What if the 20 pieces was 6.5″ x 6.5″ which is 42.25 square inches. Would these be classified as medium at $3.45 each


Dealer Services

The minimum for Stretch Litho Matte images is 20.

Dealer Services

Hi Lloyd,
The image pricing is based on those “bucket” sizes, so the images have to fit into one of the predetermined sizes. It’s not necessarily based on total square inches of the design.

Deborah Myrick

I would like to make two different tee shirts for my families graduating children’. I have a heat press but I want d to know if I can use a photo picture and what is th estimate time it would take to get the transfer for the tee shirts?

Dealer Services

Hi Deborah,
For a full color transfer for photos, it would take 2 days to produce your order. However, There is a 20 piece minimum order for images and 5 sheet minimum order for the entire sheet size of 11.5″ x 18″.


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