T-Shirt Ideas for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is approaching, meaning it is time to think pink for breast cancer awareness month.   T-shirts for this cause are very popular.    Here are some event ideas to help generate the pink business

Breast Cancer Awareness Walks

There are many breast cancer awareness walks this month.   The event organizers give out a participant t-shirt, which is a great order if you can get it.   But there are all kinds of individual groups that want to unite to celebrate a survivor or honor a victim within the walk participants.      Create a t-shirt with a fun team name-Walkers for Knockers, Tata Trotters and Treasured Chests are a few ideas found online.  Nothing is more personal than a shirt with a breast cancer victim’s photo for a team to wear. Use either a digital transfer for small orders, or Stretch Litho for larger orders to heat print a shirt from a photograph.

Football Games

Most high school football teams will host a breast cancer awareness night.   Make shirts for the team with the team name on pink shirts.    Or use popular phrases on your custom shirt like Tackle Breast Cancer, Friday Night Fight For a Cure or 2 Teams one Cause.

Volleyball Games

Another fall sport sure to have a breast cancer awareness day is the volleyball team.   Volley for a cause using ribbon clip art to replace the ll’s in volley are a hit.  Or use a volleyball in the center of a pink ribbon for the team’s pink out!

Corporate Events

Many businesses are looking for fund raising ideas to help too.   Incorporate the company logo and sell them for a pink pride day. A portion of each sale can be given to a local organization that helps with the fight.

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