Using Mockups to Grow Your T-Shirt Business

Creating T-Shirt Mockups in Easy View, your free online designer, is a valuable tool to help you sell t-shirts and grow your t-shirt business.    They provide a visual representation of how your customer’s custom design will look on their choice of apparel without any cost to you.

Why Use Mockups

Showcase Your Work-Using the mockup tool allows you to showcase your t-shirt designs in a visually appealing and professional manner.   You can showcase them on just the shirt, a model or an uploaded Etsy style lifestyle setting.

Engagement-Mockups will help your potential customer become a purchasing customer.    It helps them visualize themselves wearing the t-shirt.   When customers see how the design will look on an actual person of specific setting, the can better connect and have a stronger desire to make a purchase.

Variety-Mockups offer flexibility, presenting various design options and customization possibilities.    These can include designs, colors and placement.  These options enhance the perceived value of your t-shirt business and the service available.

Marketing and Promotions- Mockups can be used for social medial posts, advertisements, email campaigns or your online store.   These visuals have a higher chance of capturing customer’s attention.

Pre-Production Proof- Mockups are a great way to show your customer the design and have it approved before placing your order.    Have them check color placement, spelling and size.    Adjustments can be made if needed.

How To Order Mockups

In the online designer, Easy View, after creating your design using a customizable layout, creating from scratch or uploading your art, choose the mock-up button on the left tool bar.   Choose one of the preloaded apparel items or you can upload your own.  The watermark can be customized to your company name or it can be removed.

Step by step directions can be found here. 

Your finished mockup can be downloaded and emailed to your customer or will be ready for your promotional materials.


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