T-shirts for Charities

Being in the custom t-shirt business, we have all been asked to donate shirts to very worthwhile causes—breast cancer walks, little league teams, schools, fundraisers for someone who has been in an accident or sick, etc… But as much as we would like, we can’t donate to all of them. So where do you draw the line?

At Transfer Express we contribute to events our own team members are involved in within the community. This way we are supporting some of those great causes and assisting what one of our team members care enough about to get involved in themselves.

T-shirt for Knick's Knights charity event

Transfer Express donates t-shirts to events that employees are involved in.

Last week, we did shirts for one of those events. The team member involved works here part time in our marketing department after school. It started when one of his uncle’s football players, had a twin with special needs who wanted to play football too. So the school started a football clinic for these kids so they too could wear a uniform and get out on the field. 7th and 8th grade athletes are paired with the special needs kids and help them learn a little about the game. The program has been so popular that there now are clinics for basketball and volleyball too.

Read more about this event that was published in our local paper.


Nick's Knights Charity Event

T-shirts for Nick's Knights charity event