Winning Future Orders by Packaging Your League Order

You’ve won the league bid but had to accept a lower profit margin than you normally make. Leagues are typically a lot of work with low profits, but you can win future orders with higher profit margins with creative packaging.

The key to success is to package each player’s uniform. Not only does this give you the chance to impress the league director, typically a volunteer, who will be sure to come back to you next year, but you can also use this opportunity as free advertising (with just a little extra sweat investment).

On the insert that identifies the player whose uniform is enclosed, include a flyer advertising what you can do for upcoming summer events. Include family reunions, corporate outings, fundraising walks and festivals. Show some examples of what you have done in the past or use our flyer documents and Easy View™ to personalize even further. When the player’s parent needs an order, they will remember you as the place to go.

For the outside of each package, order stickers to identify your company as the company that delivered to the order. To further personalize, order them for the league order specifically, such as Good Luck Mayfair Youth League from Pro Sport Performance. Stickers are inexpensive and can be ordered at the same time as your team logos.

League Packaging

Package each uniform of a league order individually and include a flyer in each package.