Fight for a Cause with New Awareness Ribbon and Fundraiser Clip Art

One of the rewards of having an apparel business is the ability to make an impact by supplying your customers with t-shirts for fundraisers, along with other promotional items. Walks and other fundraisers, for an array of causes, are becoming commonplace, so we’ve added even more artwork into Easy View® online designer to satisfy these requests.

For fundraising walks and walk-a-thons our designers have been busy creating new cliparts for your customer’s next event.

Use these walking shoes alone or add them to a layout and customize by adding a cause and date. Or choose this walking ribbon or shoe made out of ribbons, fill them in with the color that represents the specific cause, and press them on a sleeve for a unique placement.

clip art of shoes and awareness and cause ribbons

If your customer is hosting a charity golf outing or tournament, select this layout. Customize it for any cause, with either this new Autism awareness multi-color puzzle piece ribbon or this clasped hands ribbon .

layout for an autism awareness golf outing clip art awareness ribbons with clasped hands and puzzle pieces

Here, we applied this layout as a left-chest placement on a polo for the ultimate polished look. Your customers will want to wear this long after the tournament or outing concludes while continuing to spread a message of awareness.

new awareness ribbon and fundraiser art work on a couple golfing

If this is a market you are looking to enter, check out our blog post on how to find and work with groups that fundraise.

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