Workshop Wednesday at Transfer Express!

Are you ready to take your embroidery business to the next level? Add new ways to decorate and wowing your customers with your printing capabilities? You won’t want to miss this then!

On August 8th, Transfer Express and Stahls’ will be hosting a LIVE class in our hometown of Mentor near Cleveland, Ohio!  We’re stepping up our game to give you hands-on printing experience with different heat transfer materials, equipment and positioning tips to help you expand your business beyond the hoop!

In this class, we’ll help you identify the top 5 challenges you might be experiencing in your embroidery business and how to solve them with heat printing. We believe heat printing is the perfect compliment to any embroidery shop, large or small.

Even if you’re tight on space, or low on budget to take this next step, we give you ways to help get started. And if you’ve already been heat printing in your shop, we’ll help expand your capabilities with tips for printing sleeves, pant legs and other difficult placement for a master class segment!

Ready to take a ride to Transfer Express and grow your embroidery business?

Fill out the registration and you’re on your way to take your business Beyond the Hoop!


Also check out more information about this class and all class locations and schedule for Workshop Wednesday in Ohio, California, Arizona, Texas, Michigan and Florida

All Workshop Wednesdays Class Schedule with Stahls’




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