Testing Custom Transfers Before Production

One of the most important pre-production steps to do before applying a screen printed transfer or a digital transfer is to test the product before actually starting your printing. In every order sent out from Transfer Express you will receive at least one extra transfer or a sample for testing.  A great idea would be to cut the extra transfer into quarters to have four extra transfers to test.

 So you have the transfers to use to test your application settings, but what fabric do you use to test on?  The best scenario is to order an extra garment when you place your order with your clothing distributor. This way you have the exact fabric you will be printing on.

 Another cost saving idea is to use any scrap fabric you have left over from other jobs you have done.  Using the same type of fabric is preferred to get an accurate test. Place a box off to the side and anytime you make an application mistake, toss it into the box instead of into the garbage.  Use these scraps as your testing fabric.  Soon you will have a box full of different types of fabrics and different colors that can be cut apart and used as test fabric.

Follow the application instructions specific to the type of transfer product you are using and adjust your settings if you are not seeing the desired results during your transfer testing. If you have any questions before you start applying your custom transfers, contact our Dealer Services Reps.

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