The Little Extras–Heat Printing for Profit

Applying our transfers to mouse pads is just one of many ways to make extra profit.

Applying transfers to mouse pads or coasters is one way to make extra profit.

One of our customers showed us a couple of heat print additions they have recently done for their local school.   The first were coasters they made as favors for a mom/son dance.  They ordered inexpensive coasters and used our digital Photo Prints to heat print.  The coasters were only .24/each and they were able to fit 20 prints on a Photo Print sheet keeping the cost of the print to under .25.   The dance was on a local cruise ship so they used our Easy Prints™ layout QRT-12 and their archived custom clip art.  This is a great idea for both prom and wedding favors.

The second idea used some leftover prints from their shirt order.   This time a screen printed transfer was applied to a mouse pad and given as gifts at a fund raiser.   The Easy Prints™ layout used was QBA-170 and again with their saved custom clip art.  

Let us know how you have creatively used prints for additional profits.