Tips and Tricks – Using Glitter Transfers

Have you ever used our Glitter transfers? When it comes to finding the right amount of bling for a cheerleading or spirit shirt, you won’t find anything better! Whether you’re looking for something “blinged out” or just something different, the Glitter transfers will certainly make a statement!

Glitter adds the perfect amount of bling to set off this tank top!

Glitter adds the perfect amount of bling to set off this tank top!

But what if you’re used to using our Goof Proof transfers? Glitter works just a little differently. And if you’ve never branched out and used other products before, it can be a little bit scary. Goof proof is goof proof after all.

Here’s some good news: Glitter transfers are pretty easy to use too! The only catch: make sure to follow the instructions:

Temperature on a Hotronix: 365°F
Time: 15 seconds
Pressure: Medium – Firm (6 to 8 on your Hotronix)
Peel: Cold

And just in case you still have some reservations about Glitter, here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind!

–  Static cling is your enemy!

  • When your press lifts up after 15 seconds, static cling will cause your Glitter transfer to want to move up with the press. This causes the adhesion process to stop. So then some Glitter sticks… and some does not. The remedy? After you’ve placed your Glitter transfer on the shirt, cover it with another clean piece of transfer paper. Any kind of clean paper that can with stand the heat will work (please note that if you use a re-usable non stick cover sheet you may need to increase your temperature 5° to compensate for heat distribution). So, the static cling will cause the clean sheet of paper to move – not your Glitter!

–  Cold means room temperature!

  • Your Glitter transfer doesn’t have to be actually cold. But it does need to have cooled down to room temperature before you peel it. This generally takes less than a minute if you move the shirt far enough away from the heat press.  If you peel before it’s cooled down enough, it may not all adhere.

–  Don’t stack unpeeled shirts.

  • If you’re waiting for your Glitter transfers to cool down, stacking the unpeeled shirts on top of each other will not be very helpful. The heat from one another will continue to insulate and keep them too warm to peel. If you have a cool surface like a counter top or a table (or the new Heat Press Caddie Shelves) that’s a much better space to spread out and cool down more quickly.

– Careful when you move the unpeeled shirt.

  • Okay, you’ve press your Glitter and you’re moving the unpeeled shirt off your heat press. If you’re moving too quickly it’s possible to cause the transfer to begin to peel prematurely. So it’s important that you carefully move the shirt off the heat press without upsetting the unpeeled Glitter transfer.
The end result is a garment that stands out from the crowd!

The end result is a garment that stands out from the crowd!

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