Top 5 Most Popular T-Shirt Colors for Heat Printing

Being in the custom apparel business, you have many customer’s who order for a group of people. You might be decorating for a youth baseball team, school spirit wear, a local restaurant, or a walk/run fundraisers. Usually a combination of men, women, children of various ages and sizes, you’ll find that your customer’s have a difficult time deciding on what color shirt they’d like to have decorated. One of the most asked questions as a decorator that you should ask is “what color t-shirt do you want?”. This question usually stumps the group organizer. The dilemma of choosing a color that will appeal to everyone in the group is a challenge.

So to help you give your customer the most knowledgeable information about what t-shirt color will be most liked by everyone in the group, start with the 5 most popular t-shirt colors worn by the widest range of people whether it be men, women, or children of any age.


The most popular colors that are decorated are:

Black, White, Grey (variation of heathered grey colors), Red and Navy!

These colors might not be that surprising to you. You will find though that Black and White stand out as the clear favorites in many markets. The rest are up for debate. Royal blue, for example is a popular color and is a close favorite behind Navy Blue. And if you are currently in the business of decorating apparel, you might have some variations. For example, if you live in a college town or decorate for a school, the most popular colors you decorate are most likely the school or team colors.

While you’re shopping for your client’s custom apparel order at Transfer Express Apparel, keep these popular shirt colors in mind when choosing your next t-shirt!