Top 8 Signs that It’s Time to Invest in a New Heat Press

8. You are interested in starting your own business in less than 48 hours with under $1,000 in upfront costs.

7. A group that you’re involved in buys lots of t-shirts…such as a PTA/PTO group. Many schools find that it’s more economical to buy a press to supply their bookstore with apparel than it is to purchase shirts from a supplier.

6. You are that person who knows lots of people in town – from the little league coach to the head of the school board. You can leverage those relationships AND help your friends out by getting them better pricing on the apparel they’re buying anyway.

5. You, well, kind of cheaped out on your first press. Transfers aren’t going on properly. You’re saying more colorful words than creating colorful t-shirts. It’s time to move on to bigger and better (and more reliable).

4. You’re kicking butt and taking names. You’re selling a ton of shirts and can’t keep up. A second press will help you grow your business.

3. You have an embroidery and/or screen printing business. You do good business, but you are looking for ways to expand that are inexpensive and easy.

2. Opportunities come up to do t-shirts on-site at events and your current press is as portable as your dishwasher. A new press makes you a business on a move.

And the TOP sign it’s time to invest in a new heat press…

You barely have time to get the kids off to school, have a cup of coffee, sell some shirts and then press them. A new press makes everything faster (well, not the kids, they’ll always move too slowly and forget their lunches…it’s what they do).

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