Top Tips for Faster Service

As a custom apparel decorator, you know that most of your customers want their finished shirts fast.

Usually yesterday, right?

So we know you need your custom transfers fast, too.

To give you the fastest service possible, we have a couple of “top tips” that can help speed up your ordering experience.

Whether you are just starting out and need help determining a transfer type or placing an order, or have already placed an order and need an update on the status, there are some tips for everyone at each stage of the ordering process.

Some tips help with getting ordering information faster, while others help reduce the turnaround times and the time it takes to get your printed transfers in hand.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that customers experience. We are here to help you and remove any doubt throughout the ordering process.

With the top tips here, get more confidence when ordering custom transfers.


When will my order ship?

The ship date for your order is located on the order confirmation e-mail when your order is placed. The ship date is also on your Dashboard at This is a sneak peek into the same system our customer service uses, except this information is available to you 24/7 for much faster access!


How much will my order cost?

Instant Quotes are available online, both in the Easy View online design center, upload artwork site and online calculators. There are NO ART CHARGES! What you see on the Instant Quote is your cost as long as you entered the correct color, size and quantity. Ground shipping is a flat rate $15.


How can I reduce my turn times?

Use Easy Prints. Easy Prints are design layouts you create in the Easy View online designer using the fonts, clip art and templates. A one-color Easy Prints order ships in just 1 day versus 3 days for your provided art; a two-color Easy Prints order ships in 2 days versus 5 for your provided art. Save time and get your order faster with Easy Prints!

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What type of transfer do I need?

Goof Proof is the most popular- it’s most likely what you’re looking for. Find out what transfer is best with the Transfer Selector Tool or the helpful charts at Just a few simple questions like what fabric you’re applying it to and the type of artwork will help determine the best type of transfer for your job.


What happens after I place my order?

Look out for your Order Confirmation sent through e-mail to review. If we have questions or need clarification on your order, we will contact you through e-mail. Simply reply back to us through e-mail with the answer and your order will be completed.


How do I get help on an order I received?

Use the Resolution Center at if you need help with your recent transfer order. Submit a Resolution on our website in the upper right corner drop down menu. We respond to Resolution requests around the clock-even nights and weekends!


How do I get help with a question?

Online Chat is the easiest way to reach us between 8 am – 6 pm EDT. This will save you valuable time if there is a wait on the phones. You can also text us at 440-434-3494 (text “Hi” to sign up for texting).



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