4 Ways to Save Money with Easy Prints

Easy Prints®, custom transfers created using our art, fonts and customizable layouts, are a great way to save money and get your order fast.

Your Easy Prints custom transfers are created in Easy View®, your free online design center. We have 7000 layouts that are customizable and is “art on rails.” All you do is change the text, clip art, fonts, colors, and choose a size. Within seconds you have created custom art for your customer.

Or you can start from scratch bringing in any of the 10,000 clip art choices and 240 fonts to the art board and build your design.


Save $25 per order

When you use Easy Prints, you save $25 off your order compared to if you just uploaded your own artwork.

If your customer brings you a rough drawing, a simple design or even something from one of the online retail sites like Custom Ink, you can easily recreate it in Easy View and save yourself money right off the top!

Not only is Easy Prints a money saver, your 1 color order even ships the next day when you order by 3 pm ET if you are on the east half of the United States, and 3 pm PT if you live on the west half. That’s right Texas customers – you have until 3 pm PT to place your next day order, the best deal in the country!


Use the Sheet

The biggest custom screen-printed transfer advantage is the sheet! Screen printed transfers are sold by the 11.25 x 14-inch gang sheet.

We encourage you to use the available real estate. You can put whatever will fit in those dimensions for the same price.

Once you create your sheet, your price is based on how many of that sheet set up you will be ordering.

In Easy View, you will see the dotted line that represents this sheet. With any open space, you can add a shirt tag, left chest print, school mascot, or a ribbon you might use later.


Hit the Price Breaks

Another custom screen-printed transfer advantage is that you get extra sheets for no extra money.

Did you know that if you were going to order 30 sheets, it is less to order 35 sheets? And it tells you this right in Easy View!

Use these free extra sheets for great customer service when your customer needs just one more or make a thank you gift for the person who organized the order. Or just store and use for a future order.


Use Color Changes

A color change is a tool to use when you need part of your order in one color, and another part in a different color.

The art is the same. You save money by placing one order with a color change instead of two separate orders.

So, if you need 15 in white, and 10 in red, with a color change you get the 25-sheet pricing with a small $15 fee for the color change. To order a color change in Easy View, there is a button in the right tool bar.


We have the art to make your job much easier and better serve your customers. And save money, too, with Easy Prints!


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