Trending-Faux Pockets

This trend is an easy add-on to your t-shirt business-faux pockets.    What is a faux pocket?  It is the addition of a print in the shape of a pocket, placed in the left chest area.    A faux pocket gives your t-shirt instant personality!     You can add patterns, text, color and more.

Creating A Faux Pocket

  1. In Easy View, first, start with a pocket. This is clip art x17a-381.    Below is a chart with the recommended pocket size based on the size of the t-shirt.
  2. Select the pocket on the artboard and under object, select ungroup. This divides the pocket into parts
  3. Delete one part so you have the simple shape
  4. On the right tool bar, select Add pattern
  5. Change the color as needed
  6. Add clip art or text as desired
  7. Enter Quantity and place your order



Design Ideas

All of these were done in Easy View, online designer.   This designer makes us all an artist, no skill required.   See what you can create.

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