Add Custom Faux Pockets to Your Apparel

Are you looking for new ideas for your T-shirt business? One fun trend I have been seeing is custom faux pockets, or also known as a “frocket”. What is a faux pocket? It is a personalized pocket shape print applied where you typically find a pocket. You can add patterns, clip art, colors, and text to this pocket to make it unique.

Faux pocket clip art

Faux pocket design ideas

In our Easy View®, we have a pocket clip art that makes creating these fun and easy! Here is how to create a faux pocket:

1. In Easy View, our custom transfer designer, select Add Clip Art and choose the pocket X17a-381
2. Ungroup the pieces and delete the middle lines
3. Select Pattern and choose a pattern you like. We offer 28 patterns to choose from, including chevron, zebra stripes, plaid and polka dots!

custom screen printed transfer patterns

28 patterns to choose from

4. Add color choices
5. Add text if desired

Faux pockets are a great way to use the extra sheet space when ordering custom screen printed transfers. Add a couple to your next order and see what your customers think!

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