Try a Specialty Ink-Pearl, Puff or Glow-in-the-dark

Are your customers tired of the same old thing?    You can get the same customer to buy more using one of our specialty custom transfer inks-pearl, puff or glow-in-the-dark.   With these ink choices you can use the same art, either upload your own or use Easy View, the free design center to create it,  and give the print a new look!  And they all apply with a heat press.


The pearl ink is like a metallic ink available in blue, green, red, copper, purple and pink. These standard team and school colors with a metallic effect make these a great choice for cheer, gymnastics, volleyball, and softball teams.    They are also great colors to use for mermaids, tropical scenes and wedding/bachelorette favors and apparel.   They immediately add that fashion look.


Puff is a great way to add texture to your printing.  Although only the white and black will puff, other flat colors can be added to the print.    Some ideas for puff use are Bakeries (making the frosting puff), Inspirational or statement words, caps, and spirit shirts (across the back shoulder)


Glow-in-the-dark ink adds some fun to your printing.    In daylight it is a frosted white and looks great on dark shirts.   Turn the lights out, and a greenish hue appears.    Of course, Halloween apparel and October events make this an easy choice.   Other fun uses are cosmic bowling, astronomy shirts, after prom and bands.


If you have not tried these yet, be sure to request your free sample.

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