Typography for T-shirts

In the world of t-shirt design, there are a ton of items to consider. Graphics, size, garment type, event, text, font, colors, the list goes on. But let’s take some time and explore the art of text, typography. More often than none, this art form is not given a lot of consideration. Choosing the right font allows you to evoke a particular emotion, command attention of a desired audience, and communicate key ideas. It’s the blending of art and science.

First question that comes to mind, why is typography important? It draws people in and expresses a general feeling about the content.



Notice the different feelings you have as you read each of these words. Each word evoked a different emotion, taking your mind in a different direction. Whether the design is for a business, a wedding, a campaign, a charity, fashion, or fun, there is a font for it. Mixing fonts helps encourage the audience to keep reading the message. Keep in mind, opposites attract!



Here is an example of mixed fonts made in Easy View® using Brooklyn with a drop shadow, Fenway Park, and Technical paired with Easy Prints® clip art X12B-30, X15x-174. Simple and powerful. Transfer Express offers over 100 different font styles, 10 were newly added in 2016.

Typography can add personality to a design, enhance it’s aesthetic appeal while reinforcing a thought or idea. Just another way to enhance your ever growing t-shirt business.