Supplementing Sales with Promotional Products

Promotional products are a popular way to promote a business. As a custom T-shirt business, we have access to the top promotional products used! According to studies done by PPAI (Promotional Products Association International), wearables are the highest promotional product used at 41%. That means you don’t have to outsource promotional products.

Half of the amount of people receiving promotional products prefer to receive items that can be worn, such as T-shirts, caps, and jackets. Bags and briefcases are a close second with 46% of people preferring to receive these items. With just a T-shirt heat press and custom heat transfers, you can print these highly sought after custom promotional products.

Promotional products are a fantastic way to promote your own custom T-shirt business. What better way to promote your business by giving away samples of your very own work? Pens and flashlights are great, but they don’t show what you can create for your customers. T-shirts, caps, jackets, and bags do show your customers what you can make for them.

Not only do these items show your very own work, but you can print your own promotional products for a very low cost. Any time you order custom screen printed transfers and have empty space left on your sheet, you can be adding your own logo to fill the transfer sheet. That way, when it comes time to print some promotional products, you have plenty of logos in various colors and sizes to use. The best part? They didn’t cost you a penny! Fill our screen printed transfer sheets for the same price, no matter how many images you can fit.

For the items you choose to print, you can always use up some extra inventory that you never printed that has been laying around your shop. If you need to, order some extra T-shirts, caps or bags. We have plenty of inexpensive wholesale blank apparel options to choose from in the Transfer Express Apparel line.

Transfer Express blank apparel

Transfer Express offers a wide variety of bags, caps, visors, T-shirts, aprons, and more.

Not only should you be printing your own promotional products, but you also have the opportunity to be printing promotional products for all the businesses in your local community. The statistics on our infographic may help you sell to some of your local businesses:

promotional products infographic

  • Of the people surveyed, 88% of them remembered the advertiser on the promotional products they received
  • 73% use a promotional product at least once a week
  • 45% use a promotional product at least once a day
  • Promotional products are kept by 55% of people for over a year
  • Businesses use promotional products 16% of the time as a “thank you” to purchases
  • Most promotional products are kept or given away – only 20% of promotional products are thrown away
  • Promotional products have increased business by about 30% among current customers and 11% with new customers

So how do we increase the odds of being part of these great statistics? One more statistic will give us a clue…

75% of people keep promotional products because they are useful and 20% because they are attractive!

Combine these two factors, and that’s a great chance that users will keep or hand on your product to someone else. The more often that your product is used, the greater the reach it has – that is, the more people who see it!

T-shirts, caps, and bags are all useful items that can be used over and over. Make people want to use them by making them attractive. Our massive artwork collection gives you access to endless design possibilities with over 7,000 T-shirt layouts and over 10,000 T-shirt clip art to customize them with in our online designer, Easy View®. Capitalize on trendy sayings and topics by incorporating them into your promotional product designs. This will ensure that people will use the products and share them, too. Be bold!