UltraColor Max – Fast Turn Times with No Minimums

UltraColor Max, the direct-to-film full color heat applied transfer, is a great choice for decorating t-shirts, hoodies, and many other apparel items.

It even applies to wood surfaces and paper products, such as gift bags and cardboard boxes, which could present a nice branding opportunity for pitching new customers.

The lightweight and stretchy properties of UltraColor Max also make it a great option for items that include spandex, such as leggings.

There’s no wondering why this is one of the fastest growing and most popular direct-to-film heat transfer in the industry.


When to Order UltraColor Max Transfers

UltraColor Max heat transfers are full color transfers.

You can have photorealistic elements that contain shading and gradients.


UltraColor Max examples


Photographs are also possible to print with UltraColor Max.

Because they are full color, you don’t pay per color, like you would with screen printed transfers. These transfers can have as many colors as you want for the same price.

When you have 3 or more colors in your designs, full color transfers are going to be more economical.

UltraColor Max is priced by the square inch instead of by the sheet, as well.

And with UltraColor Max, there are no minimums.

So you can order just 1 transfer, if needed.

There is no minimum order value, either.

This makes low quantity orders super affordable.

For example, if you have a small left chest logo and only need 5 of them, you can order your art by the image and you don’t have to fill up the entire sheet or order a minimum of 6 sheets like you would with UltraColor Pro.

Just buy what you need, which in this example, is just the 5 small left chest images.

This makes profiting on small orders so easy for you. You’ll never have to turn down any job again from your customers, even if it’s just 1 piece.

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However, for larger quantity jobs, you’ll usually want to choose the UltraColor Pro transfer or the Goof Proof screen printed transfer, depending on the number of colors in your design. This What to Use When Chart is super helpful in choosing the best transfer for your job when you are confused.


what transfer to use when chart


When Will My UltraColor Max Order Ship?

UltraColor Max direct-to-film transfers are super fast.

Turnaround times are same day when ordered by 8 am ET!

That’s right – if you order by 8 am Eastern time, your UltraColor Max order will ship that very same day.

So now, when you’re burning that midnight oil working on your designs, you can still place that order late at night and get your transfers fast, with them shipping that next day.

And with a maximum of 2 days in shipping transit time, you’ll have your transfers in hand quickly, ready to press and deliver to your customer.


speedy air 2 day shipping



How to Order UltraColor Max

UltraColor Max is a no-brainer when you need a small quantity of transfers.

We’ve made it super easy for you to be able to profit on these small orders from your customers, and still provide the great service to them of delivering to your customers fast.

The quality of UltraColor Max is also one of the best direct to film transfers in the industry. We spent over a year developing it before we released it, making sure you were getting the quality you expect. You won’t find a better dtf transfer on the market.

When you need to order UltraColor Max, it can be done through our Easy View online designer.


Easy View heat transfer designer


Whether you have your own artwork or need to use our free layouts and clip art to create a design, the turn times and pricing are the same for UltraColor Max.

If you have your own artwork, click the Upload button in Easy View and upload it right into the designer to place your order.


upload your own art into Easy View designer


If you need to create a design, simply use the Add Layout or Add Clip Art buttons, and customize your design in just minutes, making that midnight cut-off easy to reach, even if you get a late start ordering.


customize layouts and add clip art in Easy View designer



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