Use Current Events for T Shirt Profits

Custom art screen printed transfers

Custom art

In the news recently, there have been many stories that have stayed on the front headlines for weeks which should mean dollar signs to t shirt business owners. In Cleveland and many other cities the front page headlines of sports pages for the past few months have speculated on the decision Lebron James faces about leaving the Cleveland basketball scene. If a story such as this has been in the headlines consistently over a period of time, there’s opportunity for t shirts to sell. Try to think outside of the box when designing a t shirt that relates to a current event.  Simple lines of text such as “LBJ STAY” sell quickly!

 The recent disaster in the Gulf has been the BP oil spill which will be on the minds of Americans for months and years to come. T shirt shops are already starting to profit off of funny t shirts that protest and raise awareness about the issue. Because of the cultural relevance witty sayings gain attention and appeal to today’s shoppers.

 Using custom transfers allow you to be creative and offer designs that can be applied to different types of t shirts and sweatshirts of any size and color without sitting on inventory. Since these designs may not have been ordered by a group, you can store the transfer sheets until someone buys. Keep a few sizes in different colors and styles on hand for when customers come to you and make their decision. In just 4 seconds of application time, the screen printed transfer and be heat applied to the shirt!