Use Transfers to Print on Demand

There are some real advantages to transfers-price breaks can reduce costs and give you extra prints, the durability and quality are unmatched, and you can optimize gang sheets to get free prints.    But the number one reason to use transfers over other decorated methods is they allow you to print on demand.  Print on demand is a business model allowing customers to order custom apparel as needed rather than requiring a minimum order.    This is great for school and team Spiritwear, as well as online “Etsy” style stores.   The print on demand market is expected to grow 26% from 2022 to 2030!

Why Offer Print on Demand

  1. Low Upfront Cost    You don’t need to order the transfers or apparel until you have made a sale.      Use a mockup to offer the custom apparel.    You can either run it to a deadline, a great approach for school and team Spiritwear.  Or once you have your first order, place what is needed.   Our no minimum UltraColor Max makes this method work.   For Spiritwear stores with an ordering deadline you may end up ordering a combination of products.    Goof Proof screen printed transfers,  or UltraColor Pro if you sold 18 or more.   And UltraColor Max for designs that sold under that quantity.
  2. Flexibility-Printing on demand allows you to test the waters and see what customers like and want without any upfront cost.
  3. Fast Turnaround-Transfers and blank apparel ship in 1-2 days
  4. Wide Variety of Products-the same custom transfer can print a t shirt, hoodie, tank top, tote bag and rally towel to name a few items.   Don’t hesitate to offer a wide selection.

What You Will Need to Start

  • Heat Press-Buy the best your budget allows, this is the only upfront cost and your key to success.
  •  Transfer-Use your free online designer, Easy View to create and test your designs.
  •  Apparel-Order as needed or offer core colors only and keep small inventory.

Tips for Success

Find your Niche.

  • Local Geographic Pride (city or state)
  • Occupations (nurse, police, fire, teacher)
  • Hobbies-Yoga, Camping, Pickleball
  • Educational-Grades and Grads
  • Environment-Earth Day, recycling
  • Health-Positivity (Be Kind, Be Happy, etc.)

Avoid Copyrights and Trademarks-Be Original

Start slow, see what sells and build up to greater success.

Have Fun!

Print on demand is a great way to start and grow your t-shirt business.  Although there are some print on demand models with no investment, you also will have much less profit.    Print on demand using a heat press and transfers is a combination with minimal investment, an easy learning curve and optimal profits.

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