Using Self Promotion T-Shirts to Market Your Business

While recently interviewing a  customer,  she said, “I don’t know how to market my business.”   We were a little shocked because we think she is one of the best at marketing her t-shirt business.   She always uses the easiest way to market your business by wearing self-promotion t-shirts.   I don’t think I have ever seen her on social media not wearing one of her custom t-shirts noting what she does.   I’m sure in her community she has become the number one place to get custom apparel because they know exactly what she offers.     She wears self-promotion apparel at the grocery store, at local sports events and at her kid’s school.

Creating Self-Promotion T-Shirts

Every time you place an order for a screen-printed transfer or one of the digital transfer sheets, use any extra space on the gang sheet  to add a little self-promotion.   This way your printing is free, since your customer paid for the sheet.    Not only will you make a profit on your order, but you can also wear something to show for it.    If you have a logo, great upload it and size it to fit in any extra space.    There might be enough room for a full front or left chest.   Or just enough for a branding mark you can add to your sleeve.

If you don’t have a logo, we have you covered!   We have designs, clip art and fonts in the online designer, Easy View.     In this subscription free, web-based program you can create anything, even if you are not an artist.     Easy View is divided into categories to help you get started quickly.    The apparel tab under the work section in layouts is filled with customizable layouts to get you started.     Change the text, clip art and colors to make any layout, yours!

Adding Self-Promotion Tags

Many apparel styles now come with tear away tags that you can replace with your own branding.    Or leave the tag there with all the information that is legally required and apply a tagless label under the area with just your company name and website listed.   We have tag layouts too to help you get started.   These small prints easily fit on almost any sheet with a little extra space.

Shirt tag promoting your t-shirt business

Get a Kit to Get Started

During the month of March, we are selling a self-promotion kit, the creative printer promo kit,  and will help you learn to position and apply both a Goof Proof transfer and an UltraColor Max transfer.    We will review some tips on getting the pressure right by applying a transfer to the left chest of a quarter zip fleece.      We will also demonstrate sleeve printing and tags.    And you will learn to print more than self-promotion t-shirts, we will also print a hip pack so you can show your customers what ALL you can print.

Then watch live on Thursday, March 28 at 2:00 pm ET as we apply this all live with you.   As we press together, we are available to answer any questions you have too.

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