Using the Rhinestone Price Calculator

When we started offering custom rhinestone transfers a few years ago, we wanted to keep pricing simple so you could quote your customer instantly. The rhinestone price calculator makes this possible.

custom rhinestone price calculator

The rhinestone calculator will quickly give you a price quote.

Stone type – crystal clear rhinestones or rhinestuds. If you are using a color, you will need to use rhinestuds. We chose to offer this type of stone when color was needed because the colors were more true and stood out on the shirt. If looking for the traditional crystal, clear rhinestones are the way to go.

custom rhinestones on shirt

Send us your art or use one of our layouts to create a design in rhinestones.

Fill type – This has a big impact on pricing. Do you want an outline, which is a single strand of stones, or do you want an area filled in? If you are doing any part a fill, I would recommend using a fill on all areas.

Number of images – this one is easy, how many do you need

Width and height – If you find the quote too high, just reduce the size a little. Rhinestones are heavier than print, so a smaller print is often preferred

Click Calculate and you have your price!