Holiday Foil Add-Ons

Ready or not, here come the holidays!

Do you offer stock holiday transfers in your shop? Consider offering foil for an easy up-sell at the point of purchase. We have six different foil colors to choose from. You can purchase by the sheet or by the roll. One roll is enough to foil over 200 standard-size prints, as low as $.13 per print – that’s a lot of profit potential!

Foil can be heat applied to Goof Proof® or Polytrans screen printed transfers on 100% cotton and 50/50 blends. Applying foil is a two-step application process. Step one is applying your Goof Proof® or Polytrans heat transfer. Step two is applying the foil at 340 degrees for 30 seconds following a cold peel.

See below for different methods of applying your heat transfer foil.

1. First, you can simply lay the foil flat for a chic shiny

2. Next, you can distress the foil look by crunching the foil in your hands until you reach the desired distress look that you like. Open the foil and place on the transfer shiny side UP. You do not want to smooth and flatten the foil too much, or it will effect the distress look you are trying to create.


3. Lastly, you can add a second color to your distress look. Choose a complimentary second color, crunch the foil and place on your design. This will fill in the distress areas that the ink is showing through giving you a funky two-toned distressed foil look.


Another tip when applying foil is to keep in mind what ink color you are applying to. For a bright vibrant look, pair a similar color foil with the ink. For a dramatic contrast, choose a complimentary foil color that will contrast nicely with the ink color. Additionally, when applying multiple foil colors, the first color you start with will be the dominate color of the design. White ink was used in the designs shown.

Have some fun and experiment on scrap material and sample transfers. Share you creations with us! We love seeing what our talented followers come up with.