Using Your Own Art vs Using a Customizable Layouts

Custom Clip Art added in an Easy Prints design

This example uses both uploaded and Easy Prints clip art. The uploaded logo was saved as a Custom Clip Art, CCA, so it can be used in any Easy Prints design.

Whether you prefer to use your own artwork or create your custom apparel designs from pre-designed layouts; both of these options are made easy with Easy Prints® and Easy Prints Plus.

Easy Prints®

Easy Prints® are the more than 5,000 layouts and 5,000+ clip art options that our customers can customize in our online design tool, the Easy View® designer. Easy Prints are easily customizable; simply change the words, colors, and clip art. The video below shows a quick walk-through of some of the basic features in the Easy View designer.


These customizable design layouts are branded as Easy Prints so you do not need to expose your customers to our brand. You can use our heat applied transfers to provide your customers with custom apparel without letting them know who your custom transfer supplier is.

Easy Prints are a great way to provide your customers with a full array of design options; if you already create your own art, it’s a great way to provide your customers with additional design options. Easy Prints offers layouts for schools, sports, businesses, holidays, and so much more! All you need is an active Dealer ID number to customize any of these layouts. We even have a personalized Idea Book, available by itself or as a part of our Marketing Kit, to help you show your customers the many designs you can offer them using our customizable Easy Prints layouts.

Easy Prints Plus

When using Easy Prints Plus, you can upload your artwork in the Send Us Your Artwork section of our website. Once your artwork has been sent, you will enter whether you want your artwork to be a screen print or a rhinestone transfer. At this time, you will also enter your quantity and transfer size and have the opportunity to add notes to your order with additional specifications.

Once your artwork specifications have been entered, you will receive an instant quote for your artwork on the same screen. At the bottom of the screen there is a “Send us the art file” button. Once you press this button, your artwork will be sent to our representatives. In this stage, your artwork is simply a quote. It is not a final order until you approve the quote. Our representatives will review the artwork and contact you to verify the quote and place the final order from the phone. If you are not ready to order when you are talking with a representative, your art will remain on file for 30 days from the time that it was sent to us to give you time to make final art choices before submitting your order.

Custom Clip Art (CCAs)

The cheapest option when creating your custom designs for screen printed, digital, and rhinestone heat transfers is to use the Easy Prints art. To help you save money, we give you the option to save the clip art that you have personally created and use regularly in the Easy View designer for a one-time fee. Once in Easy View, you can incorporate the clip art in any of our custom Easy Print layouts and purchase your transfers at the Easy Prints price.

We know that it is helpful to get an estimated price for your order before you place it. The Easy View designer will quote your art before you add it to your cart by the specifications that you enter (quantity, number of colors, etc.). As mentioned, you will get an instant quote from the Send Us Your Artwork screen as well. For a quick reference when you only know what colors you’ll need to use, how many you will need, the ink formula that you would like, and whether your art is Easy Prints or Easy Prints Plus, you can use these pricing calculators:

Screen Printed Price Calculator

Rhinestone Price Calculator



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Is it cheaper if i use my own vector? Do you have any promos? Is there a dollar amount that gets you free shipping.

Dealer Services

Hi John,
If you use your own vector art, you would use the Easy Prints Plus pricing.
If you customize our art layouts, then you would use the Easy Prints pricing.
We do not have any free shipping amount.


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