Vacation T-Shirts

We have all been on vacation and seen a large group in matching tees. It is one of those things you love or hate but you can’t deny the popularity. When you are vacationing with a group, fun and unity are created by having the entire group wear the same shirt. At the “happiest place on earth”, you see many of these. And you can be the person that sells them vacation shirts.

Here are some ideas for selling to this niche.

  1. Use Easy View® and create ideas and post on social media promoting your service
  2. Contact travel groups and see if you can include advertising in their travel package, again use Easy View to target the package. If the package is for a cruise, create cruise ideas.
  3. Contact your local recreation department and senior center and again show them what you can do for a trip you know they are organizing. And think beyond T-shirts; the senior group might prefer visors or tote bags!
  4. Contact a local school. Are they planning a trip to Washington, D.C. or New York City? Find out where their school’s trip is, and make up a flyer for the group showing an idea specifically geared towards them.
  5. Are you near a destination? It could be an amusement park, white water rafting or even a zip line location. Work with their group sales to include ideas for shirt sales that will earn you both extra money and make the trip more exciting.
Class trip T-shirt using Easy Prints layout CS-72

Easy Prints® layout CS-72


custom T-shirt design made in Easy View

Created from “scratch” in Easy View using fill patterns in the numbers


custom tote bag using Easy Prints layout QEV-130

Easy Prints layout QEV-130



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