Amusement Park Sales: When and Where to Sell

When you think amusement park, you think fun, right? You should automatically think of roller coasters, spinning rides, cotton candy, and so much more! But do you think of custom apparel? Or at least that souvenir to bring back home?

Amusement parks are a great place to sell custom apparel! Park guests love to purchase souvenirs; which are often t-shirts, hats, and other apparel items. You can create apparel for events at the park as well as general park merchandise. Each section will provide you with ideas for different apparel items that you can sell.

Gift Shop

Every amusement park has a gift shop; create and sell general amusement park apparel designs at these shops. You can create a basic design that just includes the park’s name; such as layouts QAL-413 and QAL-245, or you can add clip art of rides and other structures that you would find at the amusement park. The example uses a layout that shows different aspects of an amusement park.

Layout: QRT-45 - Amusement Park T-shirt

Amusement park souvenir t-shirt for gift shops. Layout: QRT-45

Outside of Rides

Often, you will find merchandise for bigger rides at an amusement park in a small gift shop that you have to pass through when you exit the ride. Create apparel that is specific to the bigger rides in the amusement park to sell in these gift shops. If the amusement park has different themes, these can even be emphasized in the apparel items in the gift shop. For example, if the ride had a dinosaur theme, then you can add dinosaur apparel and merchandise to the items that you offer in the gift shop. Just add the name of the park to the t-shirt designs!

Layout: QAL-60 - Outside of Rides

T-shirt for outside of major rides and attractions. Layout: QAL-60

Group Events & Picnics

Give groups the option to purchase apparel items when they sign up for their picnic or event. It is common to see a large group of people wearing matching t-shirts in an amusement park, give them the option to choose their matching t-shirt design when they register their group. These t-shirts can be added as part of a group package option. You can even create the artwork for the transfers with the customer using the customer mode in the Easy View® designer. Create a form for them to fill out when they sign up their group; this form should include how many shirts they will need and in what sizes. Types of groups that might like these shirts could include; school fieldtrips, work picnics, and family reunions. Other events that you can create custom apparel for could include running events, holidays, and firework days.

Layout: QEV-61 - Group Picnic T-shirt

T-shirt for group events and picnics. Layout: QEV-61

Water Park/ Water Rides

Does your amusement park have a waterpark or water rides? If so, that introduces even more potential for sales! You can now add towels and sandals to your park offerings. Both towels and sandals can be customized with heat applied transfers. You can sell these in parks without waterpark and water rides as well, but if you do have a waterpark and water rides, these items will complement them perfectly. Sell them at the entrance and exit of the water attractions. With water rides, park guests often aren’t as prepared to get wet as they would be with the waterpark, so make sure there are towels for sale close by. Don’t forget to create custom swimsuits with heat applied transfers to add to your water park merchandise!

Prepare for the Weather

Though it would be nice if every day could be bright and sunny at an amusement park, sometimes weather isn’t exactly what you would hope for. Prepare for unwanted weather with custom amusement park umbrellas created with heat applied transfers. Have these ready for sale when it starts to rain. As soon as the rain starts, park guests run for shelter. Sell these custom umbrellas at any spot in the park where there is an awning that guests can stand under for shelter.

You can find many of the amusement park clip art options with the miscellaneous structures clip art in Easy Prints®. We hope that this blog helps you increase your amusement park apparel sales!

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Absolutely! Custom apparel is a fantastic addition to any amusement park experience. Not only does it serve as a unique souvenir for guests to take home, but it also adds to the overall fun and excitement of the park visit. From themed t-shirts and hats to personalized hoodies and jackets, there are endless possibilities for creating custom apparel that appeals to park guests of all ages. Whether it’s commemorating a special event at the park or simply showcasing the park’s logo and branding, custom apparel adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the amusement park experience.


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